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Part Number: CDSM1G022
Carbon Fiber Weight: 
Carbon Fiber - $900.00
Fiberglass - $500.00
Carbon/Kevlar - $1,100.00
The Carbonetics Drag Wing is made to fit stock 90-94 DSM (Eclipse, Talon, Laser) Designed to improve aerodynamics giving the car extra downforce stabilizing and assisting the control of the vehicle at high speeds.  Made of 1x1 plain double sided carbon fiber for maximum strength and durability. Our Kit includes following: Center wing, side plates and wicker bill, currently on the English Racing 1G DSM “Jeff Bush” Fastest 1G on the planet 7.38 at 187.94 MPH.
  • Tested & Proven on the Fastest and Quickest DSM’s

  • Includes = Center Wing – Side plates – Wicker bill 

  • Designed to Add drag and improve aerodynamic function, stabilizing and assisting the control of the vehicle at high speeds

  • Hardware not included

  • UV Gel coat high gloss finish

  • Stylish and unique parts

  • Professional installation is recommended

  • Our quality team inspects carefully all our products for a 100% customer satisfaction

Payment method = PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards
50% deposit to start and
50% remaining + shipping once the order is ready to go.
ETA  carbon fiber = 18-20 weeks
ETA fiberglass = 4-6 weeks
To receive a quote please
fill in the following form
Please give us 1-2 business days to reply.

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