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Part Number: CDSM1G002
Carbon Fiber Weight: 10lb.
OEM Weight: 25lb.

Carbon Fiber - $800.00
Fiberglass - $400.00
Carbon with Kevlar
reinforcement  -
Forged & Honeycomb  - $995.00
Colored Kevlar - $1100.00

The CARBONETICS 1G DSM Hatch is one of the best weight savings for the 1G DSM platform, Our Hatch weigh 8-12lb vs 25lb stock one saving 13-15lb. Hatch is compatible with OEM Window and hardware (Plastics, Lights, Liner) Lexan window is recommended for max weight savings.
  • Tested & Proven on the Fastest and Quickest DSM’s

  • Saves 13/15lb over stock hatch

  • Compatible with OEM & Lexan window

  • UV Gel coat high gloss finish

  • Compatible with oem spoiler ( drilling and cutting required )

  • Our quality team inspects carefully all our products for a 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Best option available for DSM on the market

Payment method = PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards
50% deposit to start and
50% remaining + shipping once the order is ready to go.
ETA  carbon fiber = 22-25 weeks
ETA fiberglass = 4-6 weeks
To receive a quote please
fill in the following form
Please give us 1-2 business days to reply.

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